Monday, April 29, 2013

Mom's quilting again

It is so good to see my Mom at her sewing machine again. She's smiling and singing with the music on her good days.

She was hurt back in 2011 and couldn't sew, or read. All the things that she loved aggravated her headaches so much that all she did was listen to music in dark rooms. We are happy those days are less and less for Mom.

Dr. Silberstein made the difference in Mom's life, he put on her a treatment plan and the results are awesome. Mom goes every three months for Botox injections and her headaches are not as severe as they were. She used to vomit a lot with the pain. It made all of us so sad, that Mom hurt that much. If anyone you know has severe migraines, we highly recommend Jefferson Headache Center.

Well anyway, what I wanted to tell you about was this really cool website called Craftsy. Mom is so excited about the different projects they offer. There are so many different programs to choose from: Quilting, Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, Cooking and more are offered daily.

Quilting has this block of the month option, teaching you different techniques each month. In addition to the block of the month options are several machine quilting classes, shortcuts to traditional quilts and so much more. Mom listens to the video with her coffee in the morning and then she heads off to her sewing room. Naturally, I go with her. If you saw the bed in her sewing room you would follow Mom too!

My little brother Yeatsie lies on the table by Mom's machine because he is really nosy. Youngsters with their incredible curiosity, he has to see everything Mom does. My older brother Quasi and I just love to stretch out on the bed and listen to our Momma sing while she sews.

We can always tell when Momma has a headache because she doesn't sing or try to sew very long. I'm just so happy she does try on her bad days because I know it makes her happy.

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