Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sad day for my Mom

I wasn't around when Mom got her sewing machine. I know it was when my big sister Amanda was a baby and she is going to be 33 years this year. By the way, She doesn't like to reminded of that number either.
Anyway, back to Mom. The needle broke on her sewing machine again. It's been 5 this week, and the stitches are really skipping. I know Mom knows how to use her machine after all this time.
I saw her looking for reasons that needles would keep breaking and the stitches skipping on the internet. I saw her looking at the new machines too! She was just so upset that the machine is acting up again and again. She was having so much fun doing the sampler quilt with the Block of the Month on Craftsy. We love watching Mom sew, she's happy working on the blocks.
Why do they cost so much? Yeah, I know everything has gone up. There are not stores in this part of New Jersey that are like the store Mom got used to in Skowhegan, Maine. Mom misses the Fabric Garden so much. Kayla Murphy the owner, is the reason Mom knows how to sew. She patiently taught Mom over the years so many cool tricks to sewing.
When Mom decided to learn how to quilt, that crazy lady chose a Bargello heart for her first quilt. Kayla didn't try to talk her out of doing such an intricate pattern as her first quilt. She just asked what colors do you want to work with. Mom chose peach, turquoise and cream. Kayla helped Mom with the different shades to make the pattern flow before class so Mom had time to wash the material. Mom enjoyed the class so much, she still talks about it to this day how lucky she was to have found someone so special as Kayla to help her learn quilting.
I think Mom should do a road trip and go to the Fabric Garden to replace her old sewing machine. I think she will definitely be happy with whatever Kayla recommends.

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