Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beautiful Sunrise Moment

I am blessed with a very indulging husband since I can no longer drive, he took me over to the ocean at 4:30 am so I could see my first ocean sunrise. I've seen sunrises before driving school bus in Maine but never one overlooking the ocean. I believe in creating bucket lists then checking the things off that are on your list over your lifetime. One of mine was seeing a sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean. After, seeing how spectacular it was I am tempted to see more.
Now you ,see why I thought they were so breathtaking to enjoy.

We were lucky it was 70 degrees, with a gentle breeze.
Isn't this just mesmerizing?
I used a Nikon 3100 with a 55mm-300mm lens to take the pictures.

In the background behind me was the moon. It was a perfectly clear sky which made the photo opportunity to sweet to miss. I did set my tripod up for this particular shot, wasn't sure I could stand and keep my camera steady at that angle.

The ocean looks so inviting to me with the waves breaking against the rocks and then onto the sand. All of the pictures were taken at Spring Lake, New Jersey.
There is still a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy but I did not take pictures of people's misfortune.
I can tell you that the boardwalk has been replaced and there are a few new ramp entrances from the street to the boardwalk. The dunes have new plantings on them. What was very sad to me was how many for sale signs we saw in Spring Lake. It is a lovely community.
Financially, if we were in a different point in our lives I would certainly entertain the idea of a shore house or living there year round. We chose a more central location to New York and Philadelphia with easy access to 95 corridor. However, if we decide to sell this house one on the ocean is a consideration.
In I am a semi-finalist in the Super Summer Blog Off. I was pleased since I am really new to the blogging practices. It does help having prompts everyday that you must respond to in a timely fashion. And the variety in prompts induces interesting possibilities.
In our home, I decided to try while the nerve block was responding well and I was headache free painting the rest of our front hallway/entryway. I started it last summer but the headaches were so brutal I just couldn't finish. I could have had a friend simply do the work but I wanted to do it. There is something to be said for doing your own home renovations, a sense of pride. Unfortunately, pride can be one's own worse enemy at times. I gave in and accepted the offer of assistance from my girlfriend, Deb. Anyway, I did manage to get everything taped off by myself without falling or aggravating the head too much. Thank goodness, I conceded and let her help me the thought of it being like this another year was simply not acceptable either. She did the lower trim on one afternoon. Then we removed the tape and reapplied it covering the freshly painted trim. She did the cutting in and I rolled the walls. We went out for lunch and she applied the second cutting in and then I rolled the second coat. The next day, I sanded the old paint on the door while she was at work. On her way home she stopped in and applied a primer coat. The following afternoon, she did the same but applied the final trim paint. I am so grateful she insisted we work as a team, it would have overwhelmed me and I really can't handle stress. When the pictures are rehung and the clean up is completed I will definitely post a picture.

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  1. Yes, very beautiful sunrise. I'm originally from Delaware and do miss them. Glad you had help with your painting.