Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Would Someone Vandalize The Lincoln Monument.?

The Lincoln Memorial in D.C. was vandalized last night. The U.S. Park Service will hold a presser shortly.

There is always some senseless graffiti painted on bridge abutments or along rock walls but a national monument. It wasn't even an artistic expression it was just splattered paint to make a beautiful  place look flawed. Basically, an act of violence against something that is cherished by many of us.

I can't speak for the majority but Mr. Lincoln is my favorite president. I have read many different books about the man and everyone seems in agreement, he was a man before his time. A thinking man that valued human life and equality regardless of skin color or occupation. He felt each person should have the opportunity to do their best to create a better world for us all. I really believe Gandhi and Mr. Lincoln would have a lot in common, especially being the change you want this world to be.

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