Friday, June 21, 2013

Cat owners I am sure you can relate

Just so you have a little background we have three very unique feline personalities in our home.
Quasimodo, our eldest is a Maine coon cat, who is going to be nineteen in August this year. Our middle cat, Purryl Bailey is a very vocal short haired domestic obese tabby. She meows all the time, day and night, she makes her presence known. Our youngest cat, W.B. Yeats aka Yeatsie is a very athletic short haired domestic tabby that has this thing for eating freshly printed paper. If you are using the printer and not paying attention he will indeed chew on the paper.

Now that I have introduced our beloved felines, allow me to share my morning. I had the screen door open so they could lie on the deck in the sunshine. I rose from my desk to check on the little darlings when I noticed Purryl was inside on the tower and no one was on the deck. So I went upstairs to see if the boys had retired to the guest room bed for their morning snooze. Nope!

So then I went to the sewing room and Yeats was lying on my sewing table, naturally in the middle of my project. What's a quilt without cat hair, right? Quilter's I am sure you can relate if you own a cat, it will find a way to leave you plenty of cat hair where you really don't want it. I looked under the day bed no sign of the old man.

I searched under the remaining beds and still no old man. I proceeded down to the lower level where the family room, aka where everything ends up at one point or another. I looked in all of his favorite hiding places. We live in a townhouse where the main level is actually on the second floor.

I walked our whole neighborhood calling his name searching everywhere I could think of that the old man might have wandered too. I returned to the house and did a second search through every room. I decided to strip our bed while I was upstairs, saving myself a future trip up to get the sheets.

After having a major panic, because the old man gets easily disoriented. He is also getting quite deaf whether it be selective or not who knows. I just know the older he gets the more challenging he is when it comes to his daily needs. He doesn't come when you call him for breakfast, you have to fetch him.  However, where do I find him, sleeping inside the washing machine when I went to put the sheets inside. Now why he was in there or how he got there is beyond me. Grrrrr!

It may only be 10:47 am here but I am thinking it is five o'clock somewhere and I am definitely ready for a margarita. Enjoy, your day....mine is definitely going to be on the rocks with lime.

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