Friday, June 21, 2013

Yay, Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 Sampler blocks

My blocks are finally completed after what feels like an eternity but really isn't. It would have been easier if I had bought fabric specifically following the yardage supply list for the project. Not me. I wanted to use up all the pieces of cloth I had in my scrap bin. Grant, I did pick a hefty selection of colors to work with. That part went really well, it was the background material that gave me the most grief when it came to yardage. I had this slate color blue that I really liked but I only had four yards. I thought it would work if I was careful with my cuts and use the scrap pieces I had that matched whenever possible to reduce the amount cut from the big piece.

I was down to the last two blocks and I had exactly a half yard left. That sounded fine until I began cutting the pieces into smaller pieces to fit my paper piece sections. I messed up two times, so I wasted two pieces that I didn't have to spare. That's when you know you need to walk away for a bit and then come back to it. If I start making mistakes I continue so a coffee break was in order.

Friendship Circle Block and Circle of Geese were the paper pieced blocks. Both looked easy enough to do but for some reason my brain just couldn't wrap around the directions. So I watched the video several times and then went back to the machine. I kept putting the wrong sides together but once I did several sections I got it. I don't about you but taking paper pieced projects apart and not ripping the paper is easier said then done. Yes, I am  a beginner quilter.

So now we have all 20 blocks done and luckily we have 1/8 of a yard left of the slate blue background. Our sashing, and borders are going to be white. I am thinking about framing each box with a black narrow border and then putting the white but right now we are at the process of watching the video on how to do one block at a time machine quilting.
Yes, I enrolled in another Craftsy class with Leah Day. I am looking forward to learning so many techniques about machine quilting since I am totally clueless. All I know how to do is stitch in the ditch.

These are how I am going to lay them out when I assemble this together.
Thank you so much Amy Gibson at
I really enjoyed the BOM 2012. I hope you are considering another class.

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