Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simply not my kind of day

We changed things up a bit today. We did one of our online classes over breakfast, I watched from my perch on the cat tower. Mom toasted the cinnamon bread from the Amish market and enjoyed that with her coffee while listening to phrases and clause. Yeah, I agree with you, boring. It must be naptime! Mom on the other hand wants to get her writing skills in order. I'll give her credit for that, she does finish what she starts.

Clauses are a group of related words containing a subject and a verb. Isn't that what a sentence is?
Phrases on the other hand are a word or a group of words that are related but lack a subject and a verb. Oh well, I like that Mom is involved in things that make her happy but I will be so pleased when she opens the back door up.

Brothers, who needs them! I had the mole cornered in the lower yard. I was keeping my one eye on it and the other on Mom because she does not approve of my killing harmless creatures. That stupid Yeatsie darted over and stole the mole. He scooted past Mom and went under the Japanese red maple and came back out with nothing in his mouth. He immediately stood by Mom. I marched right over to him and gave him a very thorough tongue lashing and swatted him side the head. Mom immediately scolded me. Should have known she saw the whole thing. She knelt down and patted Yeatsie and told him he was a good boy for saving the mole. What can I say, Mothers and Brothers!

Mom finished sweeping the back yard because all that crazy rain we had knocked most of her rose petals off her bushes. I tried to get over to the Japanese maple but Mom shooed me away. That mole has no idea how lucky he is, but he better take care I will get him if he comes back. Mom can't be everywhere. Yeatsie, I will finish what I started before Mom intervened. Meddler!

I do have to admit the sun feels really good out here on the deck. Maybe an afternoon snooze will help make this day improve.

Mom is busy with her crocheting, she's working on another beanie. She's enjoying the sun too!

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