Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My first Tunisian project

I am very pleased to say I have completed the Honeycomb scarf that was the project I was introduced to on Anny's com. It took several days and a lot of pulling out a row until I finally stopped dropping stitches but I did finally wrap my head around the technique. It does make a denser feeling scarf with a very attractive pattern.
this is a close up with my work in progress.

just showing how dense the stitches appear

My finished scarf. It took exactly 7 ounces of yarn, but you can wrap it around your neck and tuck it into your winter coat. This scarf took me over 15 hours but mainly because in the beginning I just could not get it right. I can't wait to try my next project. I am sure it will not take as long.

This is what I was saying about the pattern it creates as you go. The pattern is simply one of each.
Simple Tunisian stitch and then Tunisian Purl which makes the pattern you see above.
In addition to learning how to do the Tunisian stitches I have made some hats and another scarf this year. I take my crocheting in the car with me because I can't look out the window for any extended period of time my vertigo goes crazy and my headaches spike.
The good thing about crocheting for me is that it is more of a feel thing for me than a look at all the time thing. I really don't have to stare at my work, I can tell with the touch of my fingers if the stitch is right.
These are some of the projects I have done this year. The hats only take me about 3 1/2 hours from start to finish.

This is the group that I was mentioning in the above commentary.

This one I made to match the set I made my granddaughter Olyvia and my daughter Amanda. Yes, Olyvia's name is spelled this way. Her parents wanted it different. This from start to finish 3 hours using a simple post stitch.

This one matches the set I gave my dear friend Lael and her daughter Braylie. I put flowers on theirs but I did not on this one.

This is a shell stitch beanie I made to go with my scarf in the above picture. From start to finish this hat takes about five hours. I also made each one  for my granddaughters Mikhayla and Caitlyn as well for Mikhayla's friend Emily. Mik's is navy blue, Cait's is hot pink and Emily's is royal purple.
Mik's mom wanted her name spelled uniquely too!

This last one I made for me because I love blue and green together. It is in the fine sport yarn and works really well for spring time or a cooler summer evening.
Crocheting is very relaxing and is definitely a take a long project unless you are tackling something like an afghan.
Today, I did finally get the impatiens I bought on Saturday in to the ground actually in the knick of time. The sky was gray but not dark so I figured I had plenty of time to trim the carnations back not that they are past their spring bloom. And still have time to get the impatiens planted. I had them all in the ground and was giving them a drink of water. When it began lightning, so I took the hose back to the garage and started rolling it back on to the wall bracket when the sky let loose. If I had lingered a minute I would have been soaked to the skin. It was only a matter of seconds between the time I stepped into the garage and the rain began. Phew!

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