Monday, June 24, 2013

Tunisian Crocheting and Quilting

Tunisian crocheting initially was so frustrating, I seriously considered tossing the hook out the window. I did that once with knitting needles and never looked back. This time I decided to sleep on it, maybe it would better the next day. Yes, indeed it was much easier and I am about four inches from completion on my first Honeycomb scarf.
Usually I do all of my craft stuff with but I thought I would give Anny's a try with the Tunisian crocheting. That was a mistake, I was very disappointed with the instructor. She was very boring, not the least bit engaging to listen to while you are getting the instructions and demonstration. Well, I stuck it out learned the techniques but am glad that I have finished. I never felt that way with any of the Craftsy instructors. Price wise they are comparable but that is the only positive I can say.

I cut my 2 1/2 inch strips out to add to my sampler blocks as Leah day advised for doing the blocks one at a time. Tomorrow's goal is to get all the strips sewn and basted so I can move on to the more fun stuff like machine quilting. I am really looking forward to learning how this is done. I have a quilt top waiting to be machine quilted as well as the blocks. Plus I have the Block of the Month 2013 sampler hallway done and it will need machine quilting when it is complete. I have all the material for my rock quilt so I  may even start my cutting that one out. Yes, I did say rocks. the material is different rock pictures
I have some beautiful pictures of different rocks along the ocean in my living room so I really want my quilt to compliment the pictures. What's missing in this picture is the Kona Gray material that I got to add more color to the grouping.
Today, is a very special day our son Christopher Hovey was promoted to Senior Chief in the United States Navy. He has worked very hard and definitely earned this promotion. We are so proud of him.
Congratulations, son!
Yes, I am one very proud Momma!

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