Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hello Sunshine

We are so happy to see you shining vividly outside our window. Purryl thinks, it a good time to open all the windows up and let in the fresh air. The air does smell so good after a rain, don't you agree.

The roses and the peonies took a beating with the torrential rain. The bushes are lying over, limp with most of the fragile buds on the ground. Thankfully, the beans, peppers and the tomato plants survived the hard pelting rain. Overall, we did better than anticipated. Others around us did not do as well. Our prayers are that the damage sustained is resolvable in a short period of time.
The before and after of our rambling pink rose. I think it is finally time to give it a severe pruning to get it under control again. Over the last two years, the roses have grown profusely in height and our now just to leggy to be really attractive.
The yellow rambler fared better than the pink but also is to leggy and sprawling out in the patio area.
The peonies are always fragile and do not handle touching of any kind. The rain stripped them of all their beautiful white blossoms.
We are very grateful this is all the damage our garden sustained. Everything else looks shiny and healthy. On that note, we are going to get ourselves motivated and off to the farmer's market.
We need a few tomatoes for our gazpacho, love having totally vege meals.
Enjoy, your day!

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