Friday, May 10, 2013

Accomplished A lot in a Day

If we do say so ourselves, okay Mom did but I supervised her every step of the way except while she was turning the compost bin. The sun shining on the warm lower patio stonework was just too tempting, I snuck in a short nap. Mom knows how to turn the compost, she's been doing it for over 30 years I think she's got it under control. Besides, I don't know about you but I have no interest at seeing shovels full of worms wiggling like crazy because they've been disturbed. I will admit the dark dirt had a delightfully rich aroma I considered rolling in it but then I thought about all the worms and changed my mind.

Mom pulled all the weeds between the paver stones under the bird feeders. That is always an ongoing project at our house. We love watching the birds but they make really big messes, seed everywhere and if you don't keep on top of that you have weeds. We did have an interesting visitor today, a red winged blackbird came to the large feeder above the upper deck. His red caps on his wings were vividly striking against his shiny black body. Usually we have the cardinal family, chickadees, finches and the mourning doves.

We finally finished the two twelve and half inch blocks using the drunkard path templates for Craftsy 2010 BOM. Mom cut them out one day, pinned another and then sewed both blocks today. She liked how the Chain Block came out but did not like the Cleopatra Puzzle Block. That particular block only has two colors so Mom thought she needed more of the royal blue in the quilt so she used that one against the slate blue background. The royal blue made the slate look more gray than blue. I shook my head at that block, I think it needs different colors. Mom is going to sleep on it and if she has enough background material left after she finishes the last two paper piece blocks she will redo it. I'm betting she will redo it.

The nice part of this quilt is all of the material came from her scrap bin from other projects. The background material was left over from another quilt that she was originally going to put on the back but then decided to use a printed pattern on the back. Mom is thinking about framing these blocks with black sashing with white squares at the intersections. I think the only thing she bought for this class was the template for drunkards path. Sweet!

She is working on the 2013 Craftsy BOM too  and using scraps for that one as well. The 2013 is going to have brown and different colors in the border. She wants some kind of pattern on the sides.

Originally, Mom was only going to do the 2013 class but then she signed up for a machine quilting class and the instructor Leah day was using the 2012 BOM quilt top to teach the different techniques so naturally Mom began doing both quilts. Its really kinda neat, you can work at your own pace. The class is always available 24 X 7. Who would have thought learning all these cool things could be so easy. if you are curious how the 2013 is going.

Well, this thunder and lightning is getting to Mom, so we'll say good night to everyone.

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