Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our parental units left us alone today while they went into the city, NYC. We wouldn't have enjoyed riding in the car but I am sure we would have loved the animals at the zoo in Central Park.
I sat in Mom's lap this evening and looked at all the penguins pictures. I think she might have gone overboard on the pictures. Though in all fairness she takes our pictures every month whether we like it not and then prints her own calendars of us so its not surprising that she took lots of pictures.
I told Mom to post only picture of the penguins so you could see for yourself how cute they are.
 I will give Mom credit for taking good pictures.

My brothers and I knew the parental units would be home in time for dinner so we had a very peaceful day, snoozing, and catching up on the rays. It's really fun having the house to our self. It doesn't happen very often now that Mom is disabled.

For Mom to do things, she takes a lot of medicines, which doesn't let her drive. On her really bad days she stays in a dark room because the light makes her sick. Migraines can be really challenging and downright uncomfortable. The doctor does this really cool thing called Botox which helps Mom a lot, it lets her do things in the beginning of the three month cycle but by the end Mom isn't able to do anything. The doctor tells Mom that overtime the migraines will become less painful. I hope so because I hate seeing her this way.

Did you hear about the limo catching fire out in California on one of the busiest roads? A bachelorette group going out to celebrate with the soon to be bride. The night did not go as planned, the limo caught fire killing five of the nine women inside including the bride while the driver had no injuries. I'm sorry but I have read this article several times and not once did it indicate the driver made any effort to help the passengers. Horrible, just horrible for all the families involved.

I've nudged Mom several times now, we have a busy day tomorrow and need our beauty sleep.
Sweet dreams!

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