Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here we are again, happy to say all the hard work we did on setting the tropical tank paid off. They are swimming around and eating again in their new upgraded environment. We took Aunt Marcia's advice and put an under gravel filter in the tank, then put brand new gravel in the tank. We then added the cleaned decorations and fresh water. We let the tank circulate for about 8 hours and then added our tropical fish. They were none to happy to be netted, and gave Mom a run for her money.

While we had the hospital tanks out, we decided to add the under gravel filter to the goldfish aquarium as well since that gives Momma a lot of grief. It's a 30 gallon tank with 3 large goldfish and 8 corey cats. This was a lot easier to do, we took some of the water from the goldies tank and added it to the 20 gal. hospital tank. We then transferred the fish into the hospital tank. Then we scooped the gravel out of the tank into a bucket, rinsed the inside of the aquarium really good with the sprayer.

You probably noticed I'm saying we, because in this instance it was we. I climbed up on the table and watched her put the fish in, and then I stood up on my paws and supervised the gravel scooping. I watched the goldfish for Mom while she rinsed the tank. I only licked my chops a couple times and tried to scoop one with my paw but Mom spotted me in action so I went back to supervising.

She laid the plastic gridding in the bottom of the tank, added the gravel and added new water halfway in the tank with this cool stuff called Quick Start. She then added some of the old water from the saved water in the aquarium. She let the filter run for about 4 hours until the water looked pretty clear. She checked the temperatures to assure they were close before she added the fish back to the tank. The goldfish were real easy to get in the nets. The corey cats on the other hand were like trying to catch a greased baby pig at a fair. I laid beside the tank observing this and was shocked to see how fast they could move inside that tank. It took her a half hour if not more to capture those little demons.

By the time, we got the fish in their tanks, and cleaned up the 2 hospital tanks, putting all the fish supplies away it was 7pm. Where did the day go?

Mom got us dinner and herself a cup of tea. When I finished my dinner and came to join Mom in her chair she was glancing thru Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume Seven. We ooed and awed together at the amazing blocks in this issue. I noticed Mom marked a couple that she is going to photo copy and do. She always makes copies of her projects so she doesn't mess up her books.

Between you and I she is a real fanatic about books. She gets mad if you bend pages or spill anything on any book. She says they are to be cherished and preserved for generations to come. Me, I wonder who she is preserving them for. Her granddaughters have absolutely no interest in saving anything or let alone learn how to do crafts. That leaves her daughter Amanda and her daughter-in-law who really don't have any quilting interest. Her daughter Amanda has already told Mom that she better start consolidating all of her books and craft stuff because she does not want to deal with it when she is gone. Mom was not happy with that response at all!

Oh well, I probably shouldn't be disclosing Mom's business but I must say her daughter does like to push buttons.

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