Monday, May 27, 2013

Road Trip Adventure

Craziest Car Adventure

If your spouse ever asks you to take a last minute weekend road trip excursion? Do it.

We had so much fun this past weekend, riding, sight seeing and just spending time talking with each other. When you are in a relationship sometimes those special moments get lost with all the things happening around you.

We threw some clothes and toiletry items in suitcase and off we went around mid day on Friday. My darling spouse had looked online for several places to stay and found lots of choices. He used our Hilton points for the reservation at Embassy Suites in Niagara Falls in Ontario. Embassy Suites is one of the hotels that claim they have the most amazing view of the falls.

Now, from where we live it was a seven hour drive including going thru customs. It was early evening so we dined first and them went to see the falls and the firework display that we were told about when we checked in. Every Friday and Sunday evening in addition to holidays are a firework display.

Dinner at the Keg was delicious and the service was amazing. I have a serious iodine allergy and they were very attentive. Unlike in the United States they do use iodine in their sterilizing process so all of my dishes, glasses and utensils were washed separately without iodine. The cook prepared my steak without the usual salt coating they normally use and it was delicious. The amazing part to me was how quickly everything was done and we did not have any additional wait time. The view was beyond incredible.

I have to admit the walk down the steep incline was challenging for me because I do have balance issues left over from an injury several years ago. I was lucky to have had my Botox injection on Monday of this week or I wouldn't have been able to do the trip at all with my migraines like they are. I wish I could say the Botox makes them go away forever but that is not the case. They are done every three months and the first three weeks I have very minimal headaches, by the sixth week point they are steady and limit my activities. The last six weeks I am taking medication everyday and doing very little daily activities like vacuuming, dusting or even watching television. It is just to painful for me to move my head up and down or to follow motion. This time, when I reach the six week point I am going to have a nerve block to help me with the pain.

Sorry, I went off track there, we walked down, that is my husband and me to see the falls. The falls have such pretty lighting in purple and blues. Then to our surprise at nine o'clock the firework display began. Absolutely stunning display over the water, made the walk well worth doing even knowing we had an equally long walk back up the steep incline.

It was a full moon and a cool forty degree night but once you saw the view and the display you were totally absorbed and did not notice the temperature. You were just awe struck with the magnificent colors that my camera truly did not do justice too.
Looking over at the falls under a full moon sky.

                          My favorite pictures of the firework display that lasted a half hour.

I was far enough back from where they launched the fireworks and the sound of the water I did not have any issues with my head. Thank God and Dr. Silberstein for the Botox. Two years ago I tried to watch a firework and became violently ill because the pain level spiked so quickly.
The evening was perfect. Tomorrow I will share pictures of the day light view and Butterfly Conservatory. Can you imagine seeing two thousand butterflies all in one place? It is beyond your wildest dream.

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