Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In the World of Science, and Quilting Cross Paths

In the science world of news was a fascinating article about quilting that will be done in a very unique place. Karen Nyberg will be attempting her quilting project at the NASA Space. This will be very interesting to see how she accomplishes this work of art in zero gravity.

Thank you for sharing this article with us. We hope we will see follow glimpses of her work.

Yesterday, did not go as planned when it came to our quilting projects. However, today is a new beginning and we will be tackling our projects without further ado once we have breakfast. Yes, our morning routine consists of coffee and reading the news of the day, checking in on facebook and what our family is up too. We usually grab a second cup of coffee, have an English muffin or a bagel and fresh fruit. Today, was awesome because we picked 12 strawberries from our plants, rinsed them off and had them with our English muffin with butter and cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. Perfect beginning to our day.

Today, we decided to read several blogs one was Craftsy and the other was Amy Gibson's . We enjoyed seeing what she's been up to with all those hexies she had and was surprised to see them on clutches. They are very pretty indeed but Mom is a sack/large bag person. She likes having everything she wants or needs in her bag. If she goes out with our dad she has the perfect black coach bag that's all she will ever need.

The other part of her pretties as she calls them were the mug rugs. There was a really cool bicycle one perfect for the summer, not your typical flowerily type. A guy or girl would be comfortable having it on their desk or table. We have some really nice patterns I got from the Patchsmith, we've included her link as well. She has some amazing rug mat patterns for sale. Or if you are really good at creating paper pieced projects we are sure you can create yourself. Us, we are still  rookies so we need the patterns.

Anyway, this day is slipping away already and we have quilting projects begging us to do. Plus if we am going to have any of those awesome rugs on my table we need to get motivated.

Enjoy your day,

Purryl and Momma

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