Friday, May 17, 2013

Congratulations, Amy Gibson

This morning over a cup of coffee, we read about Amy Gibson's Museum Event in Denver. She talked about how surreal it felt to have her work on display in the Denver Art Museum. The exhibit is called Spun, Adventures in Textiles. If you want to see some amazing works of art check out Amy's blog We are so proud of her, too!

We don't live near Amy or even know her personally. We've taken a quilt class with her in Craftsy and over the past months have spent quality time with learning lots of new things. We've enjoyed reading her blog, getting to know her family as well.

There is something to be said about quilters, you are never alone. Quilting brings women and men together in way no other hobby does. Each pattern, or technique you try someone else has tried it too, and together you can learn from each other's mistakes. Quilters are very outgoing and willing to help another learn their craft or share their passion.

Have you ever Google Quilting? It is amazing how many sources are available to learn with. We lucked out by seeing a quilt posted on Tumblr that someone had done in Craftsy. We went and checked it out and now we are doing several classes. The video step by step explanations are exactly what we needed to learn new techniques because we can watch them several times or as many times as it takes for our feeble mind to grasp it. (That would be Mom's, for a 9 year old feline I am very alert)

Even YouTube has videos for many different quilting techniques to learn. The world is your oyster all you have to do is crack the shell. No worries we'll help you!

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