Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two days in a row with sunshine and almost 70's! Woohoo, spring is finally here to stay.
We got to go outside with Mom today, she planted some of her herbs in the rail planters. Fresh basil, marjoram, sage and some mint filled the boxes nicely. Our strawberries are really coming in nicely.
The best part of today was Mom filled two plant dishes with our favorite treat, yup you guessed it fresh catnip. I really do have an awesome Mom, she keeps our supply of catnip growing all year round. The one from this winter looks pretty scraggly but Mom will have it looking pretty snazzy soon or she start some new plants. What a beautiful day!

Mom was pretty happy that the Block of the Month for 2013 had the new block posted. She and I watched the video together on the deck with a cup of coffee. The block is called Strippy Spool. That sounds silly to me. Mom chose this group of four materials that each have a marbling pattern on them, one was lavender, blue, green and yellow. Her background color is a cream color. In this particular quilt there is orange, dark purple, red, blue, yellow, green and lavender, each with the same weird marbling pattern. It looks really interesting so far. There are so far in the quilt, a fan block, economy block, off-set log cabin blocks, split rail blocks, and the strippy spool. I will get Mom to post pictures so you can see what I am talking about.

The other sampler quilt Mom is doing is the Block of the Month from 2012. Mom wasn't planning on doing two sampler quilts but when she signed up for the machine quilting class they were using last years sampler quilt. So Mom said what the heck, I'll use the scraps I have lying around, lots of solid colors from different projects over the years. This one has a slate blue background. I think Mom posted a picture of that already. We can't wait to test Mom's quilts out, you know cat seal of approval.

My brother ,Yeatsie is watching the Loaches, something has them all riled up tonight. They are all over the fish tank, maybe they got into the catnip. They sure are swimming excitedly. I don't for the life of me see why he and Mom love watching them. They just look like small eels. Yuck!

Mu older brother is curled up beside my Dad at the desk. He's working on spread sheets again.  Oh well, I think I'll meander upstairs and help Mom with her blocks, she has 3 more to get down of the spools. They are only 7 inch blocks, so she had to make more of them.

Hope you are all having a good day, we are!

Yes, that would be checking out where I want to lie when she's done.



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