Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rambling Again

We had this heavy rain on Sunday night and it knocked my rose bushes every which direction when I looked outside Monday morning. It would have to wait until I got home from the doctors if I was up to it. The doctor's office is at Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia which with the road construction is an hour each direction. After the Botox injection for my migraines, I had so much pressure in my head I had to lie down so the roses would have to wait. Happily, that feeling subsides in one day and you feel so much better with out the migraine pain it is worth the one day of feeling the different sensation and unbalanced. By unbalanced I mean your equilibrium is kind off kilter until it dissipates some. Monday came and went without me accomplishing anything. I did manage to finish crocheting my granddaughters beanie she wanted for her birthday while I sipped my cup of tea before I went to bed.

 Tuesday morning I began weeding the flower bed in the front yard but with the landscapers out with the mowers I decided to wait until later. Once I came inside and started my online classes the day seemed to disappear on me so I didn't get to the backyard as intended. I found the grammar class interesting especially since for the life of me I could not remember exactly what were prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. About, along, behind, between are prepositions. In addition, furthermore are adverbial conjunctions. Because, since, whenever are subordinating conjunctions that typically introduce subordinate clauses. Now in writing and in talking I use these word plus the other examples all the time but if you asked me to break the sentences down in the parts of speech, I struggled. Yesterday it took over two hours to break down the sentences and label each part. The eight parts of speech if you have not done this in years is extremely challenging. I've decided that I will print out different articles and break the sentences down so it becomes instinctive to me. Writing should be precise and mine is not. I am so glad Nicky D. in the newsletter on recommended Coursera, I did not know these classes it existed for the best price ever. Free! There I used an interjection.

Wednesday ended up being hotter than I expected and I found it difficult to keep myself going with the outside projects. I felt like I drank a whole lake of water and still could not quench my thirst. I finally got my seven foot rose bushes tied up so they can withstand mother natures wrath a bit better. The funny part was that I did not realize until I came inside how many times I had been pricked by the roses on my facial area. I wore long sleeves and jeans so most of my body was covered well. I was washing my hands and looked up to see streaks of dried blood on my face and down my neck. The Botox really does deaden all sensation in the beginning. I touch my forehead, around my ears, and I have no sensation. Even combing my hair I have to be careful or I'll pull my own hair out. I pulled out the thorns and cleaned the skin with alcohol so I did not get infected.

 The roses are only supposed to grow to five feet, at least that is what the label indicated when I purchased them in 2005. I always in the fall sprinkle two pounds of cornmeal down and then add fresh compost around their base. In the spring I do the same before they begin blooming. MY grandfather taught me that roses do not get the typical diseases like black mold, white scales if you give them cornmeal twice a year. I have heeded his advice and my roses are breathtaking to see. They bloom profusely several times during the summer. I have been told that planting banana skins in the soil helps too, but I have not tried that. I do eat bananas regularly and add them to my compost bin weekly.

Composting makes all the difference in any type of gardening you try. Its a great way to naturally dispose of your, cut grass clippings, vegetable skins, coffee grounds and egg shells. All which are high in nitrogen, calcium and potassium. Every part that we can do to recycle our waste, and use it to grow new is what will make this planet thrive.

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