Saturday, May 4, 2013

Yay! We spent almost all day with the parental units outside. They were busy planting the garden today. Mom has boxwood basil, purple basil and sweet basil in one rail planter box. In another she planted cilantro and flat Italian parsley and finally in the last box rosemary and marjoram.  That was it for the new herbs. We still have oregano, thyme, sage, strawberries and mint from last year that are doing well in the cedar rail planters we got the 10 boxes from Maine Cedar Planters about ten years ago. They have really made it easy to have an herb garden in this gated community. We have a lower patio area and a large deck that comes off the main floor right by the kitchen. Mom loves that she can cook with fresh herbs all the time.
On the lower level, we have a stone patio with roses along the five foot fence that keeps us felines in the yard. Well, almost all of us stay in the yard. The rebel is Yeats, he likes to wander around a bit. They have large plant dishes with cherry tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.
We had so many cucumbers and cherry tomatoes last year Mom shared with the neighbor. It was really a good growing season. Let's hope this year will be as productive.
I should tell you Dad surprised Mom with roses last night. She was blushing. That's funny!
Okay, you would find it funny too, if you knew how old Mom is. Let's just say ancient.
We didn't get any quilting done today. The stack of 2 1/2 squares are still on top of the sewing machine table. Yeats hasn't knocked them off the table yet.
Hope you had an enjoyable day, we did. We are finishing this awesome day with a glass of Ecco Domani. Yum!

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